Price of relaxation

There is nothing like a good holiday to recharge you and replenish your mind after weeks and months of repetitive work. One of the most favored holiday destinations are the Hawaiian Islands and here you will find the island of Kauai which in my opinion is the best way to spend your money on holidays. My name is Kelly Santiago and I would like to tell you why Kauai vacation packages are your best bet at fulfilling all your dream holiday criteria.

About Kauai

Kauai is a tropical paradise. Nothing less can be said about it, the 3000 dollars you would be paying for Kauai vacation packages for a ten day stay in a five star hotel does not even compare to the dividend the island will pay you back with its beauty. Kauai is the wettest of the Hawaiian Islands and the one with the most interesting landscapes and wildlife. Mount Waialeale is the wettest spot on earth and its breathtaking beauty will humble the most ambitious hearts. The Waimea canyon is nature’s craftsmanship and along with the interesting geological significances it poses, it is also an absolute shrine of majesty. The Wailau River is famous for holding within it a hidden waterfall which can only be seen while on the river and this has inspired a lot of river rafting in the river for the adventurer in you. There are landscapes here that will blow you away, places like the Walalau trail but the reason you will be visiting this fantasy land is because of the beaches. The Poipu beach is one of the most unique beaches in the world because it holds within it its wildlife and despite an overcrowding of tourists, the animals almost always make an appearance. Not a lot of beaches where you can see actual whales now are there.

About the arrangements

I personally book my hotel rooms using at the Koloa landing resort. There are many other hotels and resorts out there that offer many Kauai vacation packages for prices starting as low as 1500 dollars for 9 nights up to 4000 dollars for 14 nights. There isn’t a shortage of great resorts in Kauai and this makes your stay there as relaxing as it can be. My personal pick is mostly down to the staff of the resort, who are extremely hospitable (like most people in Kauai).

Many Kauai vacation packages may seem to be a little steep in your opinion but trust me, it is all worth it. There is simply no place better to be when you want to get away from your routine life. This place titillates you with its mesmerizing beauty and allows you to relax in its world class facilities. The people here are extremely welcoming and trust me; the only people you may have a problem with are other tourists. Then you have the animals that actually seem to revel at your presence. Kauai is the place to be if you are looking for your perfect holiday.

Beach fever

Everyone needs to get away fro their routine life every once in a while. There is however the problem of not being able to do it as often as you’d like to which is why you have to make it count when you can. Spending your money on Kauai vacation packages is the best way to make sure you are making your holiday count. My name is Ryan Bennett and if you will allow me to, I would like to tell you a little bit about Kauai.

The Place

Kauai is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and that is not surprising seeing as it is part of the Hawaiian Islands. The island has very few spots that may not take your breath away and some spots that will make you want to stay there. It is home to the wettest place on earth, which happens to be in the summit of its highest peak at Mount Waialeale and you know what, this fact is completely irrelevant compared to its shimmering beauty. Then we come to the Waimea canyon which will leave you at awe staring across it in disbelief of its majesty. It is the result of the earth’s constant movement and billions of years of erosion. It has been sculpted by nature over eons into the marvel it is today. The Poipu beach is one of the islands most popular spots and it is easy to see why. The water is clear to allow you to snorkel, rare wildlife can be seen constantly on the or near the beach including whales, rare green turtles and seals. It is also a perfect spot to view the magnificence of the sunset in the Pacific. There are few sights more powerful than sunset in Poipu beach and it will be foolish to miss it.

The accommodations

You can acquire Kauai vacation packages from various services and many world class hotels are set up to receive you. Prices for a 9 night stay with airline tickets for each person cost between 1500 to 3000 dollars depending on the hotel and agency you bought it from. Kauai is home to fabulous restaurants and bars and many services like sporting clay and innumerable spas. All there to help you experience your ideal holiday and it is absolutely the right place to spend your next holiday. You can go river rafting at the Wailau River or hiking at the Walalau pass. Then there is the helicopter trip which will allow you access to all the places in the island which remain disconnected from the road network to experience every ounce of beauty of the island.

Kauai vacation packages are exactly what you should be spending your next holiday fund and you will come back only regretting that you had to come back. Allow yourself to be blown away by the magnificence of this island and relax in its beautiful embrace. This can be the vacation of your life, don’t miss out on it.

Beauty and the beach

We all love a good holiday. Even if it is just staying around the house doing nothing we love holidays. If you however want to make your next holiday special then your best bet will be spending money on Kauai holiday packages. My name is Michael Hoffnung and it is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the world of Kauai. A magical place where everything you have ever looked for in a holiday can come true.

The Exploration

Take a helicopter trip around the island to see what it is truly like. There are places on the island where there are no roads where only a helicopter can take you and none of the spots on this island should be missed for a reason as ordinary as there not being any roads. Mount Waialeale is as beautiful a sight as it is wet. The island is filled with lush forests and this makes the mountain look absolutely magnificent. Use the Wailua River to river raft your way through the island exploring hidden waterfalls and dazzling landscapes on the way. The Waimea canyon is a must visit, not only a geological interest this, it is absolutely magnificent to behold. Then we have the majestic Walalau pass over which the clouds perform their sacred dance in tune with the lights and the winds. Such sights you will remember in you deathbed this much I can assure you.

The relaxation

You are paying most of your money in the Kauai vacation packages on the hotels. They charge for good reason too, the hotels are of world class standards and have facilities that will help you relax throughout the holiday. One particular hotel I stayed in would be highly recommended. It is called the Koloa landing resort. It has extremely spacious rooms (spacious enough to make you consider moving to bigger house) and is extremely close to the Poipu beach. The Poipu beach is a spectacular place to relax. The water is clear enough to go snorkeling; you can see a lot of wildlife up close including seals, turtles and on occasion whales. It is also the perfect place to relax with your kids seeing as it has a portion encased with rocks on which the waves crash creating a calm and shallow water body on which the children can play without you having to worry.

Kauai vacation packages are not just a good idea because of all the activities you will be able to do and majestic sights you will be able to see. Kauai is also home to very hospitable people who welcome you to their land and are happy to show you around. The tourists can be annoying sometimes but there are others who are extremely interesting and you would want to meet again. The word paradise gets thrown around a lot but in this case it is applicable and appropriate. Kauai is a tropical paradise from which you only come back because you have to.